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Founded in 1991 as Chase Trading Group from humble beginnings, we began importing Asian foods and warehousing the first shipments in the family home’s basement.

Riding in the trunk of a rusty 1984 Honda Accord our first deliveries consisted of brands not yet available in the Canadian market hailing from Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia.  



Over the years, we outgrew the name ‘Chase Trading’ as it no longer reflected our business. in September 2009 our name was changed to ‘Best Brands Marketing’.

we were no longer merely importing, distributing, and marketing. Our focus shifted to discovering, developing AND BUILDING the Best Brands.


with retailers across canada stocking our brands we have outperformed all expectations.

new brands and products have kept up with market demands for gluten-free, organic, and health-conscious options.



As consumer preferences change, marketing platforms shift, and new food or beverage trends start, we will be on the leading edge. 

expect us to be ahead of the curve.



"Give them quality, that's the best kind of advertising."

Milton Hershey |  Hershey's Chocolate


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